Lindsay Lohan Joins TikTok and Reveals We’ve All Been Saying Her Name Wrong

Lindsay Lohan is back!

The mean Girls icon made her debut on TikTok this month where she uploaded a quick video to introduce her channel.

She told her followers: ‘Hey everyone. It’s Lindsay Lohan, and guess what? Now I’m on TikTok.’

Fans were quick to notice that she pronounced her name “Lowen” rather than Low-han, as we’ve all come to think is correct.

@lindsaylohan I’m on Tiktok Now! 🥰 #imontiktoknow ♬ original sound – lindsaylohan

Fans flooded the comment section saying, ‘Lindsay… lowen?’ and ‘Wait. Lindsay “LOWEN”?!? I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life?!?’

Lindsay has had fun since she joined sharing a reenactment of ‘The Parent Trap.’

@lindsaylohan you heard it here first. #theparenttrap ♬ original sound – MD

and clips of her hilarious Planet Fitness ad which aired during the Super Bowl.

@lindsaylohan #ad This one goes out to all the GGGs out there. Watch me in the big game tonight 👀. @planetfitness #feelfitacular #ad ♬ original sound – lindsaylohan

Editorial credit: s_bukley