Avril Lavigne Reveals She Wrote Kelly Clarkson’s Hit Song ‘Breakaway’

Avril Lavigne’s new album ‘Love Sux’ featuring “Bite Me,” is out now and the singer is looking back on some of her previous hits.

In a video shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show‘s Instagram account on Thursday, she revealed that she actually wrote the American Idol winner’s hit song “Breakaway” nearly two decades ago.

“Okay so I wrote this song, recorded it for my first album,” she said. “I did not use it, it went to Kelly, and she slayed. She did an incredible job with it.” 

She explained the meaning behind the lyrics saying, “I wrote this song at a very young age, I was leaving my small town, went to the city and took a chance, I took a leap of faith on my career – it was like, a very scary thing.”

“Leaving my world behind and taking a chance, was what this song was written about,” she added.

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