Miley Cyrus Invites Young Fan to Concert Who Sold Toys to Afford a Ticket

Miley Cyrus responded to a tweet showing a young boy selling toys to afford concert tickets to invite him to the show.

Twitter user @JavierVenturaOK took to the social media platform recently to share that his nephew was selling his toys to afford a ticket to see Miley Cyrus at Lollapalooza Argentina later this month.  

In the post, which has been translated, he wrote, “I told my nephew that I was saving money to go to LOLLAPALOOZA to see Miley, what I would never have expected is that she would go out to the street to sell her toys to accompany me what I also did not expect is that MILEY CYRUS herself would invite us to the show. I LOVE YOU [Miley Cyrus].”

He shared the update revealing a comment from the singer that read, “Be my guest! Check your DMs.”

Miley has not responded publicly to the generous act but she shared her excitement for performing at the festival saying, “It’s been almost 7 years since I’ve played a show in South America! So excited to start 2022 off with you! I have a feeling these are gonna be FUN.”

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