GAYLE Drops Video for ‘Luv Starved’ {WATCH}

GAYLE is celebrating the new release of her debut EP, A Study Of The Human Experience Volume One.

The ‘ABCDEFU’ singer shared a heartfelt statement on what releasing this music means to her:

“When i was younger, i had an image in my head of who i was to be as i got older. how i was going to act, dress, what type of friends i would have, and the things i wouldn’t do until i was married or twenty one. Then i grew up and stuck to none of it. for a while, i didn’t know why the things that were so important to me when i was younger no longer were important. Then i realized what i wanted in life had just changed, and that’s ok. a study of the human experience volume one is about my life experiences and the experiences of those i collaborated with on this project. for me, growing up is all about making mistakes and learning from them. it just sucks sometimes that i have to make so many to learn.”

She also dropped a new music video for fans for the track “Luv Starved.”  Watch below.