Charlie Puth Recalls ‘Worst Breakup of My Life’ in Emotional TikTok Video

Charlie Puth revealed in a new TikTok that his next single is titled “That’s Hilarious,” it will actually document the “worst breakup” of his life.

“I’m really excited for the song to come out, but every time I hear it, I’m kind of brought back to a time that was really, really, really challenging in my life,” he shared in a TikTok video. “It just rears its ugly head every time — sorry — every time that I hear it,” he continued, pausing to wipe tears from his eyes.

Puth tells fans it was the “f–kin’ worst year” of his life. 

“I never told people what happened to me and the pain that I went through going through the worst breakup of my life in 2019,” he continued. “I just wanted to throw it under the carpet and just start over and surround myself with better people.”

“This is the hardest song that I ever had to put together, and I’m so excited for you to hear it, OK? So, thank you,” he concluded the video.

While he did not name her in the video, Puth’s relationship with model and fellow pop star Charlotte Lawrence ended in 2019.


This is a very hard song for me to listen to, but it’s worth it. “That’s Hilarious” coming in April.

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