Heidi Montag Claims Lady Gaga Sabotaged Her Music Career

Former Hills star, Heidi Montag, claims Gaga sabotaged her music career.

Heidi appeared on The Unpopular With Jacques Peterson podcast this week and said, “People are, like, ‘I love Lady Gaga,’ and I’m sure she’s great, but I have not had the best encounter with her.”

Heidi explained that a little over a decade ago, she was working with producer RedOne, who was also songwriting partners with Lady Gaga.  Gaga had written the song “Fashion”, and RedOne gave it to Heidi to record.

But when producers for the 2009 film Confessions of a Shopaholic wanted to use the song for their soundtrack, Gaga took it back and released it herself on that album.

Heidi also claimed that Gaga told RedOne that she wouldn’t work with him anymore if he kept working with the reality star.

Check out Heidi’s version vs Gaga’s and let us know which one you prefer.

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Editorial credit: Andrea Raffin