Navy Sailor’s Love Song for His Wife Goes Viral on TikTok 64 Years Later

A Navy Sailor’s love song for his wife is melting hearts on TikTok.

The sailor, Mort Block, wrote the song 64 years ago after his first date with his wife, Susan.  The pair were then separated when Mort headed out to sea and he wrote her a love song called “My Love.”

“Then it went in a drawer, and it stayed there,” Mort told CBS news.

64 years later their grandson, Matt Block, who happens to be a record label exec, saw the sheet of music and convinced his grandfather to release the ballad.

The TikTok video featuring the song (along with black and white footage of Susan from their Miami Beach honeymoon) has over a million views and 432,600 likes.

@mortblock Overwhelmed by all the love for this song…THANK YOU #mylove #originalsong #debut #jazztok #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof ♬ My Love – Matt Block & Morton Block & Benny Benack III

That’s not all…this fall, “My Love” will be included on the album “Strange Harbors,” and 82-year-old Mort Block will grace the cover.

Editorial credit: Explore Por Ai