Philadelphia Woman Opens “Honest” Auto Repair Shop For Women with On-Site Nail Salon

Philadelphia business owner, Patrice Banks’ “honest” auto repair shop is changing the conversation around women and their vehicles.

Banks says she once dreaded both car buying and repairs. Unhappy with her experiences and unable to find any solutions to her car problems, she left her career as an engineer, enrolled in automotive technology school, and created an auto repair catering to women.

Girls Auto Clinic, located just outside Philadelphia PA, ’empowers women to be fully engaged and confident in the purchase and management of their vehicles.’  They offer car care workshops and employ female mechanics to help women feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about their vehicle care.

In addition to full-service auto repair, Girls Auto Clinic also offers manis and pedis to customers while they wait!

Women across the country are calling on Girls Auto Clinic to expand to their area.

And are inspiring a new generation of female mechanics.