Harry Styles Reveals Track List for Upcoming Album ‘Harry’s House’

Harry’s House, the third studio album from Harry Styles is set to drop on May 20th. Ahead of its release, Harry took to Twitter to reveal all of the titles for the songs on the album.

Harry’s House is being separated into a “Side A” and a “Side B” with seven songs on the first side and six on the second side, meaning the album will consist of 13 songs.

Harry’s House

Side A

1. “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”
2. “Late Night Talking”
3. “Grapejuice”
4. “As It Was”
5. “Daylight”
6. “Little Freak”
7. “Matilda”

Side B

1. “Cinema”
2. “Daydreaming”
3. “Keep Driving”
4. “Satellite”
5. “Boyfriends”
6. Love Of My Life”



Cubankite / Shutterstock.com