Ed Sheeran Releases “2step” Remix with a Ukrainian Artist Turned Soldier

Ed Sheeran released a remix of his song “2step” with Taras Topolia, the lead singer of Ukrainian band ANTYTILA.

Taras is currently a soldier in the Ukrainian army fighting against Russia and used a GoPro camera to film a few scenes for the music video while on patrol.  The band shared on Instagram, “Antytila did their job as soldiers, it was not easy for us to create and record Ukrainian lyrics and vocals in the studio. In addition, the Bobina Records studio, where we usually recorded our own songs, was under occupation. But thanks to Maksym Syvolap, our friend and constant co-author and arranger of many songs, we did our part.”

The video showcases a young Ukrainian boy dancing in a theater and then later in the rubble of a destroyed building.  Taras said, “When we will get the victory, all those emotions will be spread up by the songs, by the lyrics.  And I will share it with all over the world.”

The video’s director, Dmytro Shmurak, shared that “life is very uncalm now, so when Antytila asked me to support and, in fact, to produce and film the video by myself, I instantly agreed, though understood that it will be an extremely challenging task. Me and the team did our best to make it happen. If Dima was alive, he would definitely be with us on the set. And all I want to say to the boys — get back home alive!” 

For the next 12 months, any royalties made from the “2step” remix will be donated to Music Saves UA