Katy Perry to Star as Magical Pop Singer in New Animated Movie Musical 

Katy Perry is set to star in a new animated movie musical, Melody.  The pop singer will be the voice of the title character,  a sweet but shy singer with a magical voice who must rise above the jealous, evil pop diva Rose Stellar. 

“Hi, I’m Melody!” Perry announced in a tweet.


According to Deadline, the American Idol judge will write and perform songs for the film about self-confidence and living out your dreams.

Perry told the publication, ‘What resonated for me with Melody and her character is the overall storyline that has to do with self-confidence. I’ve realized in laying the foundation for my own child to be fearless, confident, and brave, that you cannot have enough films with such strong themes of empowerment.”

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com