5-Year-Old Tee Ball Player’s Hilarious Walk-Up Dance Goes Viral

Need a moment of pure joy?  Watch this!

A 5-year-old’s walk to the batter’s box at his T-ball game turned into an all-out dance session and people can’t get enough of it.

The video first shared on TikTok went viral with over 150,000 views.  It was captioned, “T-Ball is so pure.”


@beerfarts209 T-Ball is so pure #northgatelittleleague #tball #cubs #bennyblueeyes #ledgend #idonotowntherightstothismusic ♬ original sound – Monstie

Comments poured in with one user writing, “Not an ounce of shame in his game” and another sharing “I want to see this in the majors.”

The boy’s mom shared in the comment section, “It fills my heart with so much joy that our son has made so many people happy. He loves so much and I’m glad he can spread his joy just being him. 💙”