Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Having More Babies This Year: ‘The Stork Is on the Way’

Nick Cannon is going to be a dad…again.

During an appearance on the Lip Service podcast yesterday, Cannon was asked if it’s true that he has three children on the way.  The actor responding joking, “When you say ‘on the way’ before sharing that “the stork is on the way…I don’t know, it could be…”

Cannon welcomed three children in 2021 and shared, “If you thought it was a lot of kids last year…”

Nick shared that he was going to therapy and trying to remain celibate.  He broke his celibacy, however, following the loss of his son.  He told the hosts that he was depressed at the time and used sex as a coping mechanism. 

Warning NSFW language.

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Editorial credit: Denis Makarenko