TFC Recycling Shares Update on Pick-Up Delays in Chesapeake

Chesapeake residents are feeling frustrated as their recycling bins sit on the curb week after week without being picked up.

According to 13 News Now, TFC Recycling is experiencing pick-up delays in the cities they serve but Chesapeake is being hit the hardest.

Michael Benedetto, the president of TFC Recycling told the outlet, “In Chesapeake, we typically run about 10 routes a day with 10 drivers and we’re less than that.”

The company is seeking to hire drivers but says it’s difficult with the city’s recycling program coming to an end.

“Despite our efforts, to the contrary, in trying to retain them through the end of the contract, [some] have left us to seek employment elsewhere knowing that they may not have a position with the company after July 1st,” he said.

In addition to their labor shortage, TFC Recycling has experienced supply chain shortages which delayed the arrival of new vehicles and parts to maintain equipment.

Chesapeake City Council recently cut its contract with TFC Recycling, but the services are set to continue through June 30. Starting July 1, residents can drop off recycling at one of seven locations.

For now, officials recommend people keep their blue bins on the curb until TFC Recycling crews can get them.