Taylor Swift Gives Surprise Performance of “All Too Well at Tribeca Film Festival

Taylor Swift gave a surprise acoustic performance of “All Too Well” Saturday (July 11th) at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

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The singer appeared at the festival to discuss transitioning into the role of director. “I always thought that it was something that other people did,” she shared. Being on sets and making music videos, “the lists of things I was absorbing became so long that eventually, I thought, I really want to do this”.

When asked if she has set her sights on directing a feature film she responded, “I would love to. It would be so fantastic to write and direct something,” though it would likely be a project with a human scale akin to ‘All Too Well.’”

Taylor revealed that she financed the “All Too Well” short film herself saying, “I’m extremely aware of my privilege as a female filmmaker because I was able to finance this film myself.”

“I’m in this position, sitting on this stage talking about a short film I made because I lost my work,” she added.

At the end of the conversation, Swift asked the crowd, “Do you have an extra 10 minutes?” She then launched into the extended version of “All Too Well.”

photo credit: Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins