Ed Sheeran Shares Update on North American Tour Dates: “We’re Gonna Announce By the End of the Year”

Ed Sheeran stopped by the Late Late Show where the singer talked about his European tour and whether he has plans to bring it to the United States.

Sheeran told Corden, I think we’re gonna announce by the end of the year. We’re basically finalizing a route now.”

The “Bad Habits” singer is in the middle of a Wembley Stadium residency and he shared, “I’m super excited to bring this tour, it’s an insane-looking tour. We basically planned it from the end of the Divide Tour, because it was sort of well-publicized that it was the most people had gone to this tour, so I was like if we come back, we have to do all bells and whistles. The stage is nuts… there are fireworks and flames, there’s a band, it’s a whole thing.”

“You go on tour, for my first album, I basically just played my first album live. And my second album was like little bits of both, and my third album was little bits of both, whereas this one the setlist is pretty much just songs people know,” Sheeran said.

Corden asked what three songs he will perform on tour for the rest of his life and Sheeran responded, “Perfect,” “Bad Habits,” and “Shape of You.”