Brad Pitt Shares How Pottery Became His Pandemic Hobby

From baking bread to binge-watching Tiger King, we all did what we could to beat the boredom during the beginning of the pandemic.

Brad Pitt revealed he got into pottery during lockdown thanks to the HBO series “The Great Pottery Throw Down.”

Pitt and his Bullet Train co-star Brian Tyree Henry bonded over their shared love of the show in a recent interview.  Pitt confessed that he’s “seen every season.”

In the clip, the actors gush about how the reality show’s host Keith Brymer Jones cries during nearly every episode saying, “it’s so beautiful….he’s so supportive.”

In an interview with ET, Pitt said that he tried out the spinning wheel himself during quarantine. “It was lockdown, you know,” he says. “We were all like, ‘What do we do with ourselves? What do we do with our hands? What do we do with our lives?’ And I just picked up a couple of arts and crafts.”

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