2022 Warbirds Over the Beach canceled

The Military Aviation Museum’s Warbirds over the Beach airshow, which was to be held in early October in Pungo has been postponed until 2023. The museum cited labor shortages and current aircraft maintenance constraints as a reason to revise its plans.

In a post shared on Facebook, the museum wrote, “Safety is our utmost priority with the operation of our collection. Secondary to that is our desire to deliver great experiences to you all, and with a reduced compliment of aircraft flying out the remainder of the season, it will not be possible to host Warbirds Over the Beach as planned on October 1 & 2. The show will therefore be postponed with a new date to be determined. Please stay tuned, as we will be working with our mechanics and aircrews to announce a revised date in 2023.:

The museum says its Tanks and Tracks event on October 1-2 will still take place. The event features World War II tanks, weapons such as flamethrowers and more.