Virginia Zoo Welcomes Malayan Tiger and Red Pandas to Asia-Trail Exhibit

The Virginia Zoo has welcomed three new residents to the Asia-Trail of the Tiger exhibit.

According to a press release, a female Malayan tiger named Cahaya arrived at the zoo in late May and explored her exhibit for the first time in early August.  Early last week, the zoo introduced two new female red pandas, Bo and Natasha, to their newly renovated exhibit.

Malayan tigers are critically endangered and Cahaya is part of the  Species Survival Plan.®  She will be paired with Christopher, the Zoo’s 11-year-old male Malayan tiger but Virginia Zoo officials say they are “not expected to be introduced to each other for some time due to Cahaya’s young age and tigers’ solitary nature.”  However, Zoo visitors can expect to see either tiger on exhibit daily as Keepers will offer them each their own access to roam the habitat.