Did You Catch This Top Gun: Maverick Easter Egg?

There’s an intentional Easter egg in “Top Gun: Maverick”, and if you caught it, Tom Cruise would be quite impressed.  A guy’s yell from the volleyball scene in the first “Top Gun” was sampled and used in the football scene in the new movie.

A fan on Twitter pointed it out and even posted side-by-side audio clips as proof.

Eddie Hamilton, an editor on “Top Gun: Maverick”, noticed the Tweet and said, quote, “I am stoked you noticed this.  Very deliberate little nod . . . No one else has spotted this as far as I’m aware.  Enjoy your time in the smug zone.”

Then a co-writer commented, quote, “Tom [Cruise] and I were most impressed when Eddie showed us this over breakfast this morning.  Keep on smugging.”

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