The Top Unexpected Food Combos of 2022 Include Pizza with Applesauce and Sushi with Ranch

Uber Eats delivery service just released a list of the most “unexpected food combos” people ordered this year and topping the list were Fruit Roll-Ups and Hot Cheetos.

Many of the odd combos had viral TikTok videos behind them, including a Fruit Roll-Up and Hot Cheeto “Sandwich wrap.”

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The most unexpected food combos, according to Uber Eats:

  • Ham + Cream Cheese

  • Fruit Roll Up + Hot Cheetos

  • Pickles + Whipped Cream

  • Popcorn + Pickle Juice

  • Dark Chocolate + Tomato Salad

  • Pizza + Applesauce

  • Sushi + Ranch

  • Peanut Butter + Pizza

  • Cheese + Martinis

  • Watermelon + Mustard

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