Sally Field and Lily Tomlin Go Viral in CBS Sunday Morning Clip

Sally Field and Lily Tomlin delivered a quip on CBS Sunday Morning that many viewers could relate with.

During the interview with CBS This Morning on Sunday (January 15th), Jane Fonda shared her opinion on the difference between male and female friendships. “Women’s friendships are very different than men’s friendships. They’re very important to our health. Because [men] kind of sit side-by-side and watch sports or cars or women. Women sit facing each other, eye-to-eye, and they say, I’m in trouble, I need you, can you help me. You know, we’re not afraid of being vulnerable.”

Later, Fonda commented on how she pursued a friendship with Sally Field—and people can’t get enough of the banter that followed between Field and Lily Tomlin. “Oh, goodness sakes, I couldn’t make you stop! I’m very reclusive. I mean, I’m like a notorious hermit,” Field said. Tomlin chimed in, “I don’t really like people that much. I try to avoid them.” Field replied, “Me too.”

Viewers immediately related to the two women and took to social media to share a collective, “Same.”