Virginia Aquarium’s Popular Fundraiser, “Love Bites: The Anti-Valentine’s Ex-perience,” Returns

The Virginia Aquarium’s popular Anti-Valentine’s Day fundraiser, Love Bites, is back.

According to their website, the Virginia Aquarium is “here to lift your jilted souls with a little anti-Valentine’s fun(draiser) where you can (symbolically) feed your ex to one of our animals!”

“Explore our menu of feeders to see which one reminds you most of your ex? Is it the dead rat or fish? A creepy crawly cricket, roach, or worm? Or just a dull vegetable? Purchase a feeder item, and our residents will devour it,” the Aquarium shares. “You’ll quickly receive a fun video of an animal eating that feeder item, and a valentine with your ex’s name that you can share on social media.”

New this year, is a “Vegetarian option” for some of those people in your life who get on your nerves but you don’t hate as much as your lying ex.  

There’s a limited quantity of personalized video options, learn more here.

Proceeds from this event will be used to help continue the Virginia Aquarium’s marine conservation mission: to help care for thousands of animals, provide educational offerings to visitors, offer outreach programs to schools, conduct research, and conservation activities, and operate the nationally recognized Stranding Response Program.