This New Starbucks Drink Has a Spoonful of Olive Oil in It

Starbucks is testing three new drinks that all come with a spoonful of olive oil n them.  The drinks are set to debut this month in Italy and in Southern California this spring.

The line called “Oleato” will then roll out nationwide this summer.   According to reports, there are three flavors: a latte with oat milk, an iced hazelnut espresso drink, and a cold brew version with a double serving of extra virgin olive oil.  (Here’s a photo.)

What is the benefit of drinking olive oil? Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz went to Italy last summer and learned a lot of people there drink a spoonful of olive oil a day for health reasons.  Studies have found it’s good for your heart.  So he’s been doing it ever since.  According to CNBC, Schultz teased the release on the company’s earnings call earlier in February, calling it “alchemy” and a “game-changer.”

The folks at Delish taste-tested the new drinks and you check out their reviews in the link below.

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