Adele Opens Up About Extent of Back Issues During Las Vegas Residency

Adele is working through the pain.

In an interview with People.comAdele said that during her Vegas residency in November she was performing with a disintegrated disc in her spine. And because of it, she had “really bad sciatica” in her left leg.

She even addressed it with her audience asking them, “Is anyone else kind of my age starting getting bad knees?” She told them that her left leg and L5 disc is not f***ing there anymore. It’s worn away.”

During an interview in September, she also told Elle that she slipped her L6 in 2021 while playing with her son. She’s had back issues for years. Her problems originally started with she slipper her first disc at 15, from sneezing.

Adele added that she had “been in pain” with her back for around half of her life, and it would “flare up” when she was stressed or sitting with bad posture.

She said that exercising and working out, helps.