Cherry Blossom Season in Washington DC and Virginia Beach

Exciting news from the nation’s capital! If you’re planning a Washington DC trip in late March, you’re in luck. The National Park Service has announced their official prediction for when “peak bloom” of the famous Washington DC cherry blossoms will happen in 2023.

This year peak bloom is expected to occur between March 22-25, 2023. Oftentimes, peak bloom is not reached until early April. This year’s cherry blossoms are expected to peak a bit earlier.

The Instagram account @cherryblossomwatch will be tracking the growth of the Washington DC cherry blossoms every day, and sharing helpful information for visitors at the Tidal Basin.

Did you know that there are also beautiful cherry blossom trees here in Hampton Roads? Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach is home to cherry blossoms! This year Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation is hosting a cherry blossom festival March 25-April 2. More details can be found HERE.