Rihanna Responds to Senior Citizens Who Recreated Her Super Bowl Halftime Moves

A group of women at a senior living facility in Kentucky went viral by recreating some of Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime moves on TikTok.

The ladies at the Arcadia Senior Living center in Bowling Green, Kentucky’s TikTok video has more than 30 MILLION views to date. Take a look:

@arcadiasrlivingbg Our halftime show > Rihanna’s halftime show 💃🪩🏈🤍🎶🎤 #seniorlivingcommunity #halftimeshow #SuperBowl #rihanna #fyp ♬ original sound – Brian Esperon

Well, Rihanna took notice and sent the ladies a bouquet of white roses, along with a note saying their dance was “amazing.”

About a week ago, Jay-Z sent them a bouquet of red roses.

The ladies are taking their fame in stride though.

@arcadiasrlivingbg Look at us now!! ✨🎤#seniorlivingcommunity #fyp #lookatusnow #viral ♬ Look At Me Now – Dannyice

Editorial credit: Andrea Raffin