Ed Sheeran Teases New Song,”Eyes Closed,” On TikTok

On Thursday (3-9), Ed Sheeran shared a new song called “Eyes Closed” on TikTok. He posted a short clip on all of his socials encouraging fans to listen to it and make their own “silly videos with it” because he “finds them funny.”

According to a press release, the entire album was written against a backdrop of personal grief and shows his vulnerability and honesty.

It was written last February when his pregnant wife was told she had a tumor and his best friend Jamal, died suddenly. During that month, he was also in a court battle defending his integrity as a songwriter.

He describes the album as “last February’s diary entry” and his “way of making sense of it.”

The song will officially be released to radio on March 24 and Subtract will be out on May 5.

@edsheeran Eyes Closed. 24.03.23 x #NewMusic ♬ Eyes Closed – Ed Sheeran

Can’t wait to hear the full version!

@edsheeran On repeat #NewMusic ♬ Eyes Closed – Ed Sheeran