Viral TikTok Accuses Katy Perry of Being Too Mean on ‘American Idol’

Is Katy Perry too mean on American Idol?  A video on TikTok of Katy Perry “emotionally manipulating” “American Idol” contestants has gone viral.

TikTok User @mejustinbobby shared the clip saying, “Why do they tease them like this” and fans weighed in with one writing, “she went to the Tyra Banks school of psychological warfare.”

Another user commented, “This feels so manipulative” while others compared her judging style to Gordon Ramsey.

A TikTok user pointed out that this form of delivering the news to contestants isn’t new saying, “they’ve been doing this since the OG judge panel hahaha it’s so MEANNN but their thing.”

Earlier this month, a contestant slammed Katy for “mom-shaming her” during her audition.

Katy has not responded to the criticisms.

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