Adele Reveals The Song She Wrote For James Cordin in Final ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Appearance

Adele revealed in a new Carpool Karaoke clip that a conversation with James Corden influenced the first verse of “I Drink Wine.”

She told the Late Late Show host and her real-life BFF, “We’d been on vacation together with the kids, and we were on our way home and… I remember I said to you on the way home, ‘What’s wrong?’ You just seemed down.

“And you let it all out to me and… we were having, what, a six-hour conversation about it? It was like the whole way home. But it got me thinking, I felt so unsafe with you feeling unsafe… And then I went to the studio a couple of weeks later and I wrote this and I remember I sang it into my phone and I remember I sent it to you and I do remember you saying, ‘That’s exactly how I was feeling.’

Corden’s last show will air on Thursday (April 27th).