Jonas Brothers Announce Nationwide Tour, Here’s Why Some Fans Are Upset

The Jonas Brothers are hitting the road again! The trio has announced their highly anticipated tour, which will start on August 12th at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY and wrap up in Miami on October 14th. During the tour, the band will play all their albums every night.

Joe Jonas said in the announcement video, “Every city, we’re going to be playing all of our albums – every single night – for you.”

While many fans are excited about the news, others are frustrated that the first date of the tour was originally advertised as a “One Night Only” event. Some fans bought tickets, booked flights, and hotels, only to find out that the Jonas Brothers were actually going on a nationwide tour.

One fan commented on their Instagram announcement, “Super disappointing from a 15+ year fan. Don’t advertise it as one night only and then make it the whole tour.” Despite the backlash, the Jonas Brothers are excited to hit the road and play their music for their fans.

Editorial credit: Tsuni-USA