Watch Taylor Swift Pause ‘Bad Blood’ To Defend A Concertgoer From Security

Video circulating on social media appears to show Taylor Swift attempting to defend an Era’s Tour concertgoer from security. In the clip, Swift is shown pausing during “Bad Blood” to repeatedly ask a guard or guards to lay off a fan. 

Swift is first seen telling security, “She’s fine,” during the number. Then: “She wasn’t doing anything,” and “Hey, stop!” She tried to get the guard’s attention a fourth time before resuming her singing and choreography. 

According to Variety, attendees at the Lincoln Financial Field show offered reports saying alternately that the fan was being confronted for being too close to a barricade or was being pulled away for taking photos.

The fan whom Swift was apparently defending appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the incident.

“He kept telling me to stop. He kept telling me to like calm down and not to dance,” she explained. “And I guess she noticed and she yelled at him and told him to leave me alone and that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

She added: “I think it meant so much to everybody else, so her fans know that, like, she has our back.

Watch the segment here.  She also explained the incident in a viral TikTok video.


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