LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson Releases New Single ‘Favorite Kind Of High’

Kelly Clarkson shared her new single “Favorite Kind of High” on Friday (May 19th).

The song arrived alongside a special live video taken from Clarkson’s one-night-only performance of chemistry last month at Los Angeles’ Belasco Theatre.

“This next song, man, this is a sexy-ass song, y’all,” she says to the crowd in the video. “So here’s the thing: I don’t want just some sad ‘I got divorced and my life sucks’ dumpster fire record.

“Now that’s in there,” she continues. “But I wanted it to be about the whole relationship because one thing I have learned in a lot of therapy is it’s not about just the bad.

“(The relationship) was a whole thing; it doesn’t mean everything is bad,” she adds. “There’s nothing like that high, like when you first see someone, and you’re like, ‘Oh, s—, you know, I wonder if they’re single?’ So this is called ‘Favorite Kind of High.’”

The track is the latest release from her highly anticipated tenth studio album Chemistry, arriving June 23rd.

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