Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Madonna Make Forbes’ List of 15 Richest Female Celebrities

According to Forbes magazine, RihannaTaylor Swift, and Madonna are among the 15 richest female celebrities in the United States.

At age 35, Rihanna has the highest net worth, with $1.4 billion to her name. She first achieved billionaire status in 2021 and made most of that fortune with her new makeup line, Fenty Beauty.

33-year-old Taylor Swift had the biggest increase of any of the others and added $170 million,. She’s now worth $740 million.

Other female musicians on the list include Madonna at $580 million. Beyoncé is now worth $540 million, she’s up $90 million from the previous year. Celine Dion at $480 million, Dolly Parton at $440 million and Barbra Streisand earned $430 million.

Fred Duval/Shutterstock