Joe Jonas Reveals Horrifying Concert Mishap; Jokes it Sent Him to Therapy

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Joe Jonas revealed in a new interview that he once pooped his white pants onstage during a show. “I think it might’ve been a little toot, might’ve been something else, something a little extra,” he laughed. “So it was a, like, mid-wardrobe sh-t change during the set.” As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, Jonas was also wearing light-colored clothes at the time. “Let’s just say it was a bad day to wear white clothing,” he said.

Fortunately, Jonas joked that he’s since been “able to work through” the trauma of pooping his pants on stage “with a lot of therapy.” But he’s not the first artist to suffer the same embarrassment. “It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Such is life,” he said. “It has happened to many artists. I’ve paid my dues and I feel like I’m a part of some secret club now.” Chris Brown and Ed Sheeran have both admitted to something similar, along with Jenny McCarthy, Al Roker, and Jennifer Lawrence.

(Page Six)