Meet Desmond, a Charming 7-Year-Old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, Left Homeless After Owner Passed Away

Shelter Pet Saturday brought to you by Dreamlawns

Meet Desmond, a charming 7-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix, whose life took an unexpected turn when he found himself homeless after his owner passed away. Desmond’s journey has led him to Chesapeake Animal Services where he has been patiently waiting for months, hoping to find a loving family to call his own.

This affectionate and cuddly pooch is eager to leave the shelter life behind and find his forever home where he can finally relax and be the perfect couch buddy. If you have other dogs at home, Desmond is open to meeting them for a friendly meet and greet.

CAS Director, Cat, Desmond and Stephanie Taylor

If Desmond has captured your heart, and you’re ready to provide him with a loving forever home, simply come by the shelter for a meet and greet. Spending some time together will allow you to see if the chemistry is right and if Desmond will be a perfect fit for your family. The shelter staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and guide you through the adoption process.

What is the adoption process?

Complete an adopter profile at the shelter (2100 S Military Hwy) so our team can help best place the right pet for your home.

Renters are encouraged to discuss their intention to adopt a pet with their landlord prior to adoption.

CAS requires rabies vaccinations and City licenses on any pets they currently own before adopting a new pet.

If adopting a dog and you have a resident dog, we may require a meet and greet prior to adoption. Please leave your pet at home until we find a potential companion for you.

Present a valid identification showing your current residence.

Sign an adoption contract promising to keep the animal only as a pet and to abide by the laws for the control and protection of animals. All adopted dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered prior to release unless there is a medical reason why surgery cannot be done at that time.