‘Tales for Tails’ Shelter Program Unites Readers and Furry Friends in Norfolk

Enjoy sharing a good book with a new friend? Are you a crossword connoisseur? Or maybe you just enjoy reading a good tale with a friend that has a tail?

Norfolk Animal Care Center’s ‘Tales for Tails’ shelter program is open to readers of all ages from 2-6:30 pm every Tuesday & Wednesday year-round.

No appointment is needed, just bring a good book (or borrow one of the shelters), pull up a chair, and let the adventure take you away!

Young readers can practice their reading skills with a friendly and non-judgmental audience, while adults can unwind and experience the therapeutic effect of being in the company of animals.

The program offers shelter animals a chance to interact with potential adopters in a relaxed setting. It helps them feel more at ease and showcases their unique personalities, increasing their chances of finding forever homes.

Additionally, people who have positive associations with shelter pets are more likely to return to the shelter to adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate. Awareness of animal behavior and safety around animals makes pets and humans alike safer.

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