The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk Welcomes Baby Giraffe

The Virginia Zoo has welcomed a new addition to its family – a baby giraffe named Henry! Born just a few days ago, Henry has already captured the hearts of zookeepers. He is the latest member of the Masai Giraffe herd, and his arrival is both heartwarming and bittersweet.

Henry’s father, Billy, sadly passed away earlier this year.  

Emily Spence, Assistant Curator of the Africa Department, shared, “This calf is so special to us as a team as it is the last offspring of Billy. The loss of such a longstanding staple of the Africa department has been difficult, but we are all so happy to know that his legacy is going to live on one last time. We can’t wait to share this calf with the zoo community in the near future.”

For now, Henry and Noelle are taking their time to bond and adjust to their new life together. They are currently residing in the night barn, away from the public eye, but they’ll join the other giraffes in the main exhibit soon. 



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