Meet Panda: The Senior Sweetie on a Mission to Find Her Forever Home

Meet Panda, a senior sweetie looking to find a forever home.

Panda was surrendered to Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter at 9 years young because her family was relocating and unfortunately, it was not the right time to have her travel with them. Have no fear though- she has not let that discourage her from sharing her love and kisses with everyone she is meeting. Her personality shines as wide as her smile and is as contagious as that chimney commercial jingle you can’t get out of your head.

This girl is literally PERFECT in every way imaginable. She has spunk when she needs to romp and roll for play time but is 100% down to chill and snuggle, she spreads joy through her tippy taps as she sits on command for treats, not to mention this girl makes the best passenger princess to any size car. She commands happiness with every room she enters as she is ready to give everyone smiles in exchange for words of affirmation and the occasional treat.

Tiffany, Panda and Stephanie Taylor

Panda is not letting her past affect her views of her new future and neither should you. She has lived with various dogs and cats and while on our time out with another fellow PRAS doggo, she shared happy tail wags and even sent him some Panda smooches his way. I think she would LOVE to meet all your kids in her future home, not because she wouldn’t do great—but mostly because she would want to give them all smooches and get all the hugs and belly rubs. Be it long walks or short walks as long as they end with some belly rubs and time for a nap, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Visit Panda at Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter located at 5843 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, Va.