Joe Jonas Officiates Band Member’s Wedding Onstage At Show

The Jonas Brothers paused their Sunday concert in Anaheim, for a special moment with their percussionist, Molly Lopresti. Joe shared that when they asked her to go on tour with them this year, she nearly declined. “Look, I’d love to go on tour with you guys, but the only problem is I’m supposed to get married to my fiancé, Nick [Shirm],”

Joe said Molly told them. “We said, ‘Let’s figure this out, we gotta help them out in some way. If only we knew an ordained minister on this tour,’” Joe teased, implying he got ordained. “Oh wait, [we do].” Joe then called Shirm to join his fiancée on stage, and the ceremony was underway, including a makeshift ‘aisle’ on the stage.

The couple exchanged vows and rings, kissed, and had their first dance as the Brothers performed “When You Look Me in the Eyes.”

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@recessionobsession Wedding at the Jonas Brothers concert #jonasbrothers #joejonas #wedding ♬ original sound – Bee | Money Saving Tips 💰

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