Lewis Capaldi Says He’s Noticed a ‘Marked Improvement’ in His Tourette’s, Anxiety

Lewis Capaldi took a break from performing in June to focus on his health.

The singer, who battles anxiety and Tourette’s syndrome, shared an update with fans on social media on December 31st.

“I’ve been working with some incredible professionals to help me learn about and cope better with Tourette’s and anxiety issues. I’m really happy to say I’ve noticed a marked improvement in both,” he tweeted. “For now I’m going to continue taking some time to carry on looking after myself, maybe writing some new music and taking a moment to reflect on some of the most incredible years of my life,”

Capaldi added. “I want to make absolutely sure I’m 100% before getting back out there properly for more shows and doing what I love more than anything!”

He also shared the news that an expanded version of his second album, ‘Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent,’ which inspired the Netflix film ‘How I’m Feeling Now,’ was released at midnight on New Year’s Day.