Adopt Meowly Cyrus: A Beautiful But Shy Kitty in Search of a Patient and Loving Home!

Calling all shy kitty lovers out there!

My name is Meowly Cyrus and I found myself at Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter with my litter of kittens a while back. Now that my babies are weaned and have found fosters and homes, it is time for me to focus on myself. I am SO beautiful and it makes people want to snuggle and cuddle me! I am not that kind of girl though and I like to keep my distance, but be near. While I am not “feral” I am certainly not a lap cat and I won’t be a kitty that will want to be picked up and loved on; at least, not in the beginning.

I am the kind of lady that needs my space to feel out my surroundings. I like to do things at my own pace and I need an adopter that is willing to allow me to come out of my shell on my own terms. If I am treated properly, I will likely find that I do like human companionship, just at a distance. I may even find myself on your lap at some point! I just need the time and the love to get me to that point.

If you are looking for a kitty that is in need of a very understanding and loving home, consider meeting with me. I will not be a kitty that can be picked up and taken into the meeting room. I would like to meet with my adopters slowly and in my cage; my safe place.

Due to how shy I am, I may not go to a home with active dogs or young children; under 13 years of age.

Ready to Adopt Your New Companion?

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