Meet Marty: Pet of the Week Shines Light on Overlooked Black Cats at Portsmouth Humane Society!

It’s Shelter Pet Saturday, brought to you by Pitbull Tobacco and More. Marty is our Pet of the Week and he is at Portsmouth Humane Society.

He is a sleek and sophisticated black cat, estimated to be around 3 years old. Marty is one of the many black cats up for adoption at Portsmouth Humane Society. You can meet him and his fellow black cat buddies in the cat colony room.

Stephanie Taylor in the Cat Colony room at Portsmouth Humane Society

🖤 5 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat: 🖤

  1. They Look Like Miniature Panthers: Getting a black cat is like having your own miniature panther chillin’ at home. We lovingly call them “house panthers” because they bring that exotic, wild vibe without needing any special permits. How cool is that?

  2. Good Vibes Only – Good Luck Charms: Black cats are like good luck charms in fur form! Many cultures see them as symbols of good luck and prosperity. So, bringing a black cat into your life? Positive energy and good fortune, here you come!

  3. Cuddly Companionship: Black cats are total sweethearts, just as loving and affectionate as any other colored cat. They’re experts at forming strong bonds and make the best cuddle buddies. Prepare for some serious heart-melting moments!

  4. Fashion Forward – Black Goes With Everything: No need to stress about color coordination. Black cats are the ultimate fashion accessory. They look fabulous on any furniture and effortlessly fit any style. Black-tie event? No problem, your cat’s got your back – and lap!

  5. Goofballs With Personality Plus: Black cats are like comedians with fur. While every cat has their own personality, many black cats are playful, fun-loving, and full of energy.  It’s like they’re on a mission to prove all the naysayers wrong. Looking for a goofy and loyal sidekick? Black cat, all the way!

  6. Royal Roots: Every cat thinks they’re royalty, right? Well, black cats have the lineage to prove it! Once worshipped in ancient Egypt, they were like the pharaohs of the feline world. Adopting a black cat is like bringing a touch of regality into your home. Bow down, humans!

  7. Breaking Stereotypes and Saving Lives: The best reason to adopt a black cat? You’ll be saving a life. Black cats spend longer in shelters than other felines, and they are more likely to be overlooked. Opening up your home (and heart) to a black cat gives a loving animal a second chance at life.

Adopting a black cat is not only a rewarding experience for you but also a chance to provide a loving home to a deserving companion.