Gwen Stefani Reveals the Future of No Doubt Following Coachella Reunion

No Doubt is set to reunite for the first time since 2013 at Coachella this month!  In a new cover story with Nylon Gwen Stefani shared that while they are looking forward to the performance and she’s “open to anything,” the group doesn’t currently have any plans to create music after Coachella.

“[Coachella is] going to be a really nice bow to tie on the relationship, because we were kids [when we met],” she said. “I already know what it’s going to feel like because we’re just so in sync when we’re onstage. It’s going to feel like riding a bike again. We’re going to be laughing, and we’re going to look at each other and go, ‘Oh my gosh — there you are.’”

She added that the band hasn’t “really hung out or done anything” together ahead of the set, and aren’t in frequent communication. When asked if they’ve gone to therapy together, Stefani said, “No, no, we need to, probably. But we have a lot of water under the bridge.”