Watch Vanna White’s Emotional Tribute to Pat Sajak

Friday, June 7th, is Pat Sajak’s last night on “Wheel of Fortune”.  On Thursday night, the popular game show aired an emotional goodbye video from Vanna White.

She noted that they worked together for 41 years and 8,000 episodes.  And she said, “As much fun as we had on camera, those memories, milestones, and life events we shared with our families outside the studio are my favorite.”

She added, “As this chapter of our lives is coming to an end, I know you’ll still be close by.  You’re like a brother to me, and I consider you a true, lifelong friend who I will always adore.  I love you, Pat.”

Meanwhile, Pat has a new gig lined up.  He’s doing COMMUNITY THEATER in Hawaii.  He’s starring in a show called “Prescription: Murder”.

He’s done several plays there over the years, including “The Odd Couple” and “The Sunshine Boys”.

Editorial credit: s_bukley