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Once upon a time, on the only historic day in Kansas, Storm Avery was born in the second ever recorded incident of immaculate conception(or so her mom told her). With an inability to shut up, she was bound for radio.


Despite a No. 1 world ranking in curling, Storm went to college on a Scrabble scholarship. She quickly excelled in words starting with the letter X. Her love of music inspired her to bribe the Professor in charge of the college radio station to give her an on­-air shift. That bribe eventually led to Storm’s career in radio. She actually went to college to be a psychotherapist which comes in handy in the radio industry(more than you might think). Storm’s love of radio and the sound of freedom led her to move to Virginia Beach right before Thanksgiving in 2018.


Storm is completely obsessed with fast cars, music, animals, war movies, football, “Grey’s Anatomy,” anything by Stephen King and the military. She’s won a number of awards over the years including Celebrity Frog Jumping Champion, 13th runner-­up in the little Miss Kansas contest, 6th grade Spelling Bee Champion and Most Likely to Be a Roadie.


(Disclaimer: Some of this bio is factual. Other parts were the result of Mad Libs.)