The Best Sitch Ever

Charlie got shamed for doing something we all do on occasion: use the opposite sex restroom. He was out to dinner with his wife and went to use the single stall male bathroom. It was locked, so he waited roughly two minutes before taking matters into his own hands. Yes, he entered the women’s restroom. He went about his business while being mindful of female restroom etiquette like putting the seat down! Upon leaving, of course there was a lady (probably named Karen) who said, “shame on you.” Charlie just kept on walking but the words resonated with him. Was he a bad person for this? How much harm did he really cause? Where do other people stand on this issue?! We were pleased to learn this is much more of a normal thing than we realized. At least for the women using the men’s. Brian could’ve guessed 99% of guys have done this, but he had no idea the women were just as guilty. There was, however, one woman on facebook who did find it to be a major violation. She called it egotistical. We’re not so sure about that assessment, but we love dissenting opinions! Have a great weekend!