Hey, That’s MY Spot!

Jake from Virginia Beach called us up with his problem. He earned employee of the month for January and of course such an honor comes with the coveted front row parking space. It makes a pretty big difference, because his normal walk to work is considerably farther, and we’re in the dead of winter so who wants to walk that far? ESPECIALLY if you EARNED that front row spot! Now, the real issue is that the parking spot thief is technically a supervisor, but not directly over Jake. So Jake was wondering what the listeners of our amazing station would do. This was funny. Most people on facebook came right out and said to just let it go since there’s only one more week in the month. Kristina and Brian were not fans of this idea. The man needs to be brought to justice! Every caller said that he needs to be confronted! The method of doing so varied by response. Some said write a note, one said to go to their supervisor or whomever made the employee of the month call. But the BEST SOLUTION (in Brian’s opinion) came from Steve who said Jake needs to simply arrive before the thief! It’s amazing how Kristina nor Brian had thought of that. Hence why we do this! Have a great weekend everyone.